Monday, July 7, 2014

Taking time to enjoy the outdoors.

July 4th in the Wichita area saw wonderful weather.  Yesterday though was very hot.  But our family set out on an adventure anyway.  We started by driving to Salina/Hedville to visit the Rolling Hills Zoo and Museum.  It is a beautiful zoo and a really nice museum.  We stopped back in Salina to eat at the world famous Cozy Inn.  Great little burgers!  Then we headed off to Mushroom Rock State Park.  The strange rock formations were very interesting to see, but I think budget cuts have caused the park to be a little neglected.  It has the potential to be so much more.  We then continued on to Kanopolis State Park.  Nice lake with little canyons and beautiful cliffs.  Our car was attacked by a swarm of what we think were damselflies.  Very exciting!  Our next stop was high on Coronado Heights.  It has a stone castle that was erected many year ago.  Cool to look at.  We could see for miles and miles up there.  We stopped for a photo opp as we drove through Lindsborg.  It boasts a strong Swedish history.  Popped into McPherson for a treat at the Braums before heading home.   It was a nice day trip that didn't cost much but will provide us we some fond memories.  Where shall we go next?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How often do you change your mats and blades?

It's been a dilemma for me since I got my first cutting machine.  How long can you make the mats and cutting blade last?  Sometimes that decision is made for your when the blade doesn't want to cut anymore or the mat is curling and won't hold paper, even after you apply more adhesive.  But I'm sure the manufacturers have a different idea on the number of uses they both can take.  I just ordered more mats and blades this weekend because I know I push the limits.  However, waiting till the blade is tearing paper or the paper is falling off the mat is waiting too long.
So, hardcore paper cutting machine lovers,  when do you make the change?  Do you do it monthly?  Every other month perhaps?  I would love to hear from others on this subject.
I just hate breaking in a new mat because they're so darn sticky!

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