Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Update!

Although I've been quiet on here, I have been pretty busy with a few projects.  They range from birthday t-shirts, to Halloween wreaths!  I thought I would take a few minutes to share them with you.

Made using the Crafters Corner sparkle tulle from Dollar Tree along with bats and spiders.  Lights were from my stash purchased 3 years ago at Hobby Lobby.

 Made with Dollar Tree sparkle tulle, bats spiders and led lights.

 I spent a day running around to several Dollar Tree stores in my area looking for the sparkle tulle, and the metal wreath rings to make these.  After watching a YouTube tutorial and seeing how easy it was, I wanted to make one for myself.  It's the top picture.  I then made one for my daughter and a son.  I was able to make these for a cost of about $10 each.  And they all have led lights.  It was fun, but very messy.  I have glitter everywhere.  The video is from 2016, and I didn't find the Halloween mesh, so I used the tulle.  I still love the way it turned out.

 Made using 3G jet-Opaque for the logo and Red Ranger, and black htv vinyl for the name.
Made using the 3G Jet-Opaque for the Godmother and glitter htv for the saying.

I have also been designing and making t-shirts for birthdays.  I made one for my grandson's #2, (not pictured) and one for the son of a friend.  The "Cinderella" themed shirt is for my granddaughter.  I will also be making the svgcuts pumpkin carriage for a center piece.  I have made additional shirts for the grand kids, but I don't always think to take a picture before they are "worn away"!

In the mean time my massive paper collection is sitting idle wondering when I will start using it again, while my heat transfer vinyl collection is growing.  But I have my papers picked for the coach and I'll be cutting and gluing it this weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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