Thursday, July 15, 2021

Let's Talk About Temp, Time and Pressure. How To Heat Apply DTF.

With every new thing, comes new challenges.  DTF is my new thing.  Finding information on how to heat apply was a toss-up for awhile.  Here is what I found online.  Your results may vary depending on your heat press.  

Do a pre-press on the garment you are apply the DTF transfer too.  Heat apply the transfer at 325° on medium to firm pressure for 10 seconds.  No cover sheet is required.

However, if you find that your transfer becomes dull after using this method, then try doing these things,

Lower the heat to 275° and press for 6 seconds on medium to firm pressure.  Allow the transfer to cool for a few seconds before trying to remove the carrier.  If the corner starts to lift, let it cool for a few more seconds.  

I was using too much heat and leaving the print under the heat for too long.  This is a by-product of sublimation, where the temps and times are very high and long.  Think of DTF being more like vinyl.  It is sometimes recommended to do a second press.  I have been doing the second press, but I do use a cover sheet whether it's teflon or butcher paper.  

Do you have a DTF tip to share?  Leave it in the comments!  Maybe you have a question.  Be sure to ask. 

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