Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What Is A Makers Christmas?

  Last Christmas, due to the circumstances of the global pandemic, I decided I would make most of the gifts I was giving out.  My 3D printers and my sewing maching were very busy.  Lithophanes and pj's or gowns were gifted and received well.  As this year has flown along, I have been pondering what I should do for this upcoming gift-giving time.  Because if I'm going to do another makers christmas, I need to start working out my plans now.  There is some buying involved to complete gifts.  I've decided I have enough ideas and material on hand that I will be making gifts again this year.  I thought I might share with anyone who has never done this, some of my thoughts.

What is a makers Christmas?  It's giving gifts they you have handmade.  Whether sewn, forged, cut and glued,  crocheted, knitted or 3D printed, painted or drawn or stirred and baked or canned...anything you have created with your hands.  

Why a makers Christmas?  You won't necessarily save any money.  Some items a person might make could require very costly materials.  I have a lot of materrials on hand and in an effort to be less of a consumcr and more of a creative, I am going to attempt to use what I already have. So I guess to cut down on waste is one reason why.  It gives the recipient something to enjoy, that you have made special, just for them.  I will agree there are  people in the world who would not find a handmade gift special and would probably look down upon it.  Luckily, if I have anyone in my life that feels that way, they don't express it to me.  Also, I'm getting older and there will be a time I'm no longer here with my family.  I would like to leave behind a few things that they can look at and remember me fondly.  

My final thought on this, is the brutal consumerism that occurs during the months of November and December.  I am choosing to spend the time I would normally spend in crowded stores, at home either finishing the last of my gifts or relaxing and spending time with family.  

Although December is still a few months away, a good plan and a headstart will make this holiday season more fun and relaxing.  

If you plan on doing a Makers Christmas, leave a comment!  I would love to hear about it!

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