Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crafting on a Budget.

Paper projects are fun to make, but paper can be expensive.  I have found some ways to make my paper pads go a little farther so I make sure to get my money's worth.  It helps me afford the svg kits I love to buy from SVG Cuts.  I would like to share some of my tips with you, so that you too can enjoy more crafting on a budget.

Today I'm sharing my love for The Dollar Tree!

I have found so many things at the Dollar Tree that I can use in my crafting.  And for $1 it is usually a savings over the craft stores or even Wal-Mart.  I did some shopping there this week for the first day of school teacher gifts I'm sending with the boys.  I bought some little note pads, pens and sticky notes.  With these few items, I'll fill up a desk set and it will be adorable, useful and cheap!  And each purchase will make more than one gift.

In the front is a pad of sticky notes.  I get one package of 5 and split them out.  The pens came 3 to a package.  Next are the cards that I made.  Behind the cards and their envelopes are two little lined note pads.  There are 5 pads in one package.  The last item is a really nice set of sticky notes that have standard size notes and little "flag" type notes.  I left them intact since they were just a $1!  To keep from using two pieces of the decorative card stock on the desk set, I cut the bottom piece from the same card stock as the green piece on top.  I was able to use the entire 12x12 sheet.  So, for these two sets, instead of using 5-6 sheets of card stock, I only used 3 sheets.  The apple is one, the one with the writing is two and the green for the border piece and bottom was three!  Even on the cards, I changed the size a little so I could cut two card bases from one piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock, instead of a 12x12.  I also save by using the thinner paper from the large paper pads for decorative panels.  

This is just one example of ways you can save on supplies and add-ons to keep gift items within budget.  I'll share more money saving tips in the future and would love to hear how you save too!

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