Monday, November 17, 2014

Crafting On A Budget-Making Something Personal

Christmas is getting closer!  Radio stations are playing Christmas music and the stores have been full of Christmas decorations for weeks!  My mind has been filled with Christmas projects as well!  But not every project is planned entirely of paper.  I know!  That's not what my name would suggest!  I do like to stray off the paper path every once in a while, just for something different to do.  This Christmas I have plans to add vinyl to the very popular plastic tumblers that everyone seems to carry around.

I made this one as a test to see how difficult it would be for me.  Working with the vinyl is a little challenging, but with more practice it will be easy.  This tumbler is from the Dollar Tree.  I bought the Oracal vinyl on ebay last year, but I'm just now getting around to using it.  I went ahead and ordered a case of the tumblers from Dollar Tree direct, so I wouldn't have a problem getting the number I needed.  Popular items can be hard to locate there, when you really want them!   These should be super cute and I'm sure the "giftees" will really enjoy them!

I watched a YouTube video made by Christopher Alan Designs on how to apply the vinyl.  Very helpful presentation.  I already had some clear transfer tape from my very first attempt at vinyl several years ago, but when I came across the Magic Cover clear contact paper he talks about, I bought 10 rolls! (at the Dollar Tree of course!)

For another project, I wanted to get more use from my Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio tools.  (I have acquired several of the shapes)  They were having a sale on for the charms that go with the various shape studio tools.  

So, I bought some to go with my tools.  But...I wasn't sure what to do with them.  On another shopping trip to Michaels, I came across some bracelets that were only $2.49 each on sale.  They are made with the stretchy cord and had at least one dangle hanging off of them.  Light-bulb!  Take off the dangle they had and replace it with a charm!  Here is one of the bracelets I changed.

I also found some packages of heart charms and word charms that I added to this one.  I like the way it turned out and for such a budget price!  (less than $5.00)  

Another project I did recently (sorry I forgot to take pictures of it) for a guy was to take some pictures of a mutual relative (it was for the other grandfather) and make little "tool box" magnets from the epoxy shapes.  I also made the My Day with Dad toolbox to put them in.  I did change the tag from dad to the recipients name.  Another personal project that packs a big punch for such a budget price!

Just wanted to share these few easy, budget friendly projects to show that it doesn't cost a lot to show someone you care.  Just a little bit of your time to make it special!

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