Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hello 2015!

A new year is here and  I plan to share more projects with you while building up an inventory to take my crafting to a few shows this year.  I hope you will follow along while I share my experiences with you.

My first goal will be to create some easy to assemble items that I can make in quantities that won't take up a lot of storage, or table space.  With paper crafting, that is one of my biggest concerns; having the necessary space to display enough items to make the craft show circuit profitable, and keeping things from being crushed before they get there!  Displaying is also a concern.  Table tops alone won't allow for many items to be displayed.  I have been on a search for the folding type wire shelves that were very popular a few years ago.  I have found two so far.  I need display items that are light weight and easily portable.  I'll continue looking for the shelves while I start making a list of projects to work on.

I find that taking the time to select the paper and cut out the project is the big hurdle for me.  I love putting them together.  Assembly is something I can do while sitting with my granddaughter as she plays.  She can turn my craft room into a disaster area if she's allowed in there!  So cutting is something I have to do in the evenings, or during her nap time.  However, I find that time taken up by other things that have to get done.  That's something I need to overcome if I want to get this going!

Typing up my blog post is a way to keep me motivated.  I feel if I have posted that I'm going to do something, that someone out there will be checking back to see when or if I get it done!  So keep me honest blog readers!

As always, all the projects I will be creating are from SVG Cuts.  I have registered with SVG Cuts for commercial use of their files, so I am allowed to sell at craft shows or on my website.

If you are reading this, and have sold your creations at craft shows, please feel free to comment.  Perhaps you have some very useful advice for me and fellow readers!

As always, be sure to visit my Facebook page and like it.  I will be doing more give aways starting soon!

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