Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making The Commitment.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have decided I would try to sell some of my creations at a few craft shows this year in hopes that I can support my "habit" for crafting.  I want to start with smaller shows that are close to home.  I may find that it's not feasible for me to pursue the craft show business due to transportation and setup restrictions.

At any rate, I have had opportunities in the past, I just wasn't ready or able to commit.  But a big issue may just be fear.  Fear that I may not sell anything.  Fear that I won't have enough stuff to sell. Fear that I am over pricing items.  Fear I'm not asking for enough. Fear of failure.

I have made lots of items, and given them away.  The recipients are always in awe and thankful, but would anyone really pay me for these things?  These fears have been a little crippling up to now.

I have filled out a vendor form for a craft and vendor show close to home that is being held February 7th.  I just need to write a check and send it off.  Then I need to get busy making!   If I send in the check, then I have made a commitment, and will need to really kick myself into high gear.

I have a habit of letting things distract me from these types of goals.  Housework, kid activities, tv shows, sleep.   I'm really going to have to overcome these time snatchers to be successful at my first craft show.

I'll write another post once I have filled out the check, and it's in the U.S. Mail.  In the mean time, I have 10 clutch purses almost done, so there's a start.  Now to get more projects ready.  Wish me luck!

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