Friday, April 3, 2015

30 Day Personal Challenge, Day 3

I'm really having fun spending evenings in my craft studio and thinking about what project to do next!  Last night I made the birdcage from Playful Parlour by SVG Cuts

I used AC Carstock for the entire project.  The pieces cut out beautifully on my Sizzix eclips2.  I think this will be something I actually keep on a shelf in my livingroom.  

My next project will have to be Easter related.  I want to make a hostess gift for a egg hunt party that a family member is having.  I will also have a post on Easter Sunday, but it will actually be a project I make today or tomorrw.  I'm hosting Easter dinner and doubt that crafting will be something I can do til very late on Sunday.  

I'm just 3 page likes away from reaching 200 on Facebook!  I'll be having a spring theme give away when that magic number is achieved!  


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