Friday, February 26, 2016

Cut Once and Craft for a Week.

With the addition of two grandchildren, my crafting time has been drastically reduced.  I get an hour here and there to put a small project together, but not the real craft time I desire.  In a effort to get more projects done, I decided to borrow an idea from some busy mom blogs.  "Cook once, eat all week."  So this week, I am cutting once to craft all week!

                                                         (previous years projects)

  The Bunny Hop kit by SVG Cuts from a few years ago, has one of my favorite projects for Easter.  I love the Bunny box!  I made all the grandkids one several years ago, but with new family members, everyone is getting a new bunny.  I have papers picked and I'm cutting out 8 bunnies to put together this week.  It's the setup process that takes me the longest.  Although this project is easy to pick paper for, cutting and weeding still take a while to do.  It seems I can be in my craftroom, unbothered, for several hours on Friday nights!  I have two more bunnies to cut out, so I shall get back to it!

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