Monday, August 9, 2021

Giving Sublimation Another Try

 When I found out that you could convert an Epson ecotank printer into a sublimation printer, I ran out and bought myself a ecotank 2720.  I already own a 2720 and a 4760.  The savings in ink is unbeatable.  But when I started trying to make things, the excitement didn't last.  Even though I had purchased a highly recommended ink, I wasn't getting the results I wanted, or saw others getting.  Before long I was listing that printer for sale on marketplace.  

I had found a new love.  Direct to film.  But, I had already invested money into a mug press and sublimation paper.  And there were still a few projects I really wanted to try.  So, while converting wide format printers over for dtf, I realized I could convert one of these into a sublimation printer.  I already had the refillable cartridges and a printer, so I just needed the 6 color inks.  I decided on Printer Jacks.  The difference in the outcome is amazing!  I'm looking for things to sublimate again!   Peek a boo shirts, mugs, and even some custom fabrics.  The printer I chose to convert is an Epson Stylus Photo 1400.  The colors that it's producing are vibrant and wonderful.

It makes me excited for sublimation again.  Not the all over shirt designs that you can find online, but the projects, that are more my skill level.  The all over shirts take a great deal of skill.  

So, if you tried sublimation with an ecotank, and it fell flat for you too, you might want to consider an Epson Workforce printer or a wide format cartridge based printer.  You need to be sure there are refillable, chipless cartridges available on the market, or it won't work.  

This week on my facebook page, I'll be giving away mugs, sublimated with the winners design.  So if you have ever wanted a personalized mug, be sure to go to the Crafting On A Buget facebook page and enter!

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