Thursday, July 1, 2021

Let's Make July Craft Your Stash Month!

 I have a bad habit.  I like to hoard craft supplies.  I also like collecting craft tools, like die cutting machines, and embossers and laminators.  Not to mention printers.  I have regular color printers, sublimation printers, DTF printers, and 3D printers.  And of course all the supplies that go with them.  I can bind books with a glue spine or with a ring binder.   I have too much stuff.  But I need every single thing I have.  When the new mug press came out, it was another thing I really thought I needed to have to make great gifts and to sell as a side hustle.  I opted to get a regular mug press that would press 4 different sizes of mugs.  I did make a few great gifts with it.   As I was cleaning and organizing my craftroom a few weeks ago, I decided to start using what I already had, instead of going out a purchasing more.   At least until I had run out of something, I wouldn't buy more of it.  I also made a personal commitment to do something in my craftroom every day.  So far I have only missed one or two days since making that personal pledge.  It has encouraged me to learn more about designing things in Tinkercad and Photoshop.  I have printed and mailed out stickers for my grandkids.  I have 3D printed toys on demand for a grandkid.  By engaging in all these activities, it helps me be more creative.  I see new projects that I can complete.  So I decided that I will make July a Craft Your Stash Month.  No new purchases.  I can only use what I already have.  During this month I am even going to get out and use the Provocraft YourStory that I have never, ever used!  (I hope it works)

So follow along as I journey into the world of forgotten craft supplies and see if you can draw inspiration to Craft Your Stash this month.

First episode Provocraft YourStory, Monday July 5.

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