Thursday, July 1, 2021

Making A Plan For A Make-it Christmas

 2020 was something else.  As the pandemic raged on, I decided to make most of the gifts I was going to give for Christmas.  It was a well recieved idea.  I did some sewing, and some 3D printing, and I was able to give some thougtful, handmade gifts.  I started printing the 3D projects in September, because I knew they would take a long time to make.  I printed lithophane lightboxes for all the younger grandkids, and a couple for some adults.  I also sewed the younger grandkids a set of pajamas, or a gown. 

 This year,  I want to continue what I hope will become a yearly tradition, and again have a Make-it Christmas.  So, now is the time to start planning what a Make-it Christmas will look like.  My first step is to take inventory of all that I have and utilize as much of it as I can.  This is also a good time to stock up on items that aren't in high demand, like flannel and fleece.  For 3D printing, knowing how much filament you might need for your projects could save you time and money now.  Starting in October, the demand for lithophanes will become very high, and good quality, white filament will be hard to source.  

A lot of paper crafters start making their Christmas cards now and several of the more popular SVG sites will put out a bundle for them.  As of this writing, there are 177 days until Christmas.  That's 25 weeks or 6 months.  For those of us who are chronic procrastinators, this seems like an eternity.  But, as one who usually falls short on a dozen different projects I was going to get done for Christmas, that isn't enough time!  

What's my plan?  I'm going to make out my gift list, (get the link here) and start planning what I want to give to each person.  Then I'm going to plan to make one gift each week for the next 25 weeks.  That should give me plenty of time to find all the supplies I already purchased, but don't remember where I put them.  I might even have time to actually make a few cards this year!  Wish me luck!  I'll make a blog post each time I complete a Christmas gift. (but I won't be able to post picture)  Hopefully, this won't be the last post!  🤣

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